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LT Chapter 5

 Chapter 5: Corpse Transformation

When the old shopkeeper said this, Wang Yan and the others were taken aback.

It turned out that the old shopkeeper had a nephew named Liu Da, who was now twenty-seven or eight this year. He was a good businessman. This inn was opened by this uncle and nephew.

His nephew had a daughter-in-law, and he gave birth to two sons and daughters during the few years when he entered the door.

Since then, this belly had never been up. Liu Dawei had visited countless doctors, but unfortunately, he had never seen any results.

As a result, the two often quarreled, and the relationship was extremely discordant.

As the saying goes, there were three kinds of unfilial piety, and no queen was the greatest. Mr. Liu couldn't let the incense of the old Liu family go to his own generation. While he was still young, he had the idea of ​​divorcing his wife and marrying another in a few days.

But somehow, his thought reached his wife's ears, and the two had a big fight all morning.

He thought that the anger disappeared and it would pass naturally, but who would have thought that at dusk, this nephew and daughter-in-law would hang a rope on the beam of her house and hang herself.

The nephew went out to buy a coffin, but he hadn't returned yet, and the corpse of his nephew and daughter-in-law was currently parked in that room.

On the one hand, in order to avoid causing panic. On the other hand, he didn't want to let people know that corpses were in the inn, which would affect the business, so he didn't say anything.

Unexpectedly, the sudden arrival of Wang Yan disrupted his silence. They were aggressively trying to stay in the shop and even suspected that they were a black shop. It was related to the reputation of the inn, so the old shopkeeper had to tell the truth.

It’s just that the family ugliness could not be spread out. Naturally, the various behind the scenes would not be revealed. It was simply that the nephew and daughter-in-law were dead, and the corpses were currently in the house. If they were not taboo, it was not impossible to arrange to deal with it overnight.

Sleeping in the same room with the dead, they felt panic thinking about it.

But the matter was urgent and there was no other way, so the three discussed it, and the final decision could only be so.

"This person is dead like a lamp, and the shopkeeper also asks me to mourn. We will wait for our place of rest, and we will leave at dawn. Shopkeeper, please go and arrange it!"

Li Sheng, a martial artist, was full of courage. He was not too afraid to stay overnight. He strongly recommended that now that the weather was getting colder, he couldn't really stay in the mountains and forests!

Zhang Daoran had been running for a day, and his limbs were already weak. He only felt that he was not so tired from chopping wood in Taoist temple, so he didn't care too much and followed Li Sheng's arrangements.

Wang Yan came from modern times, and although he was not very sensitive to dead people, he felt more or less uncomfortable when he thought that this world was no better than the original Earth.

His brothers had already made a decision, and he couldn't help it.

After a busy day, the iron-struck man couldn't stand it. He didn't know if it was because of the long journey, but his mind was a little groggy and not so clear. Now, he just wanted to soak his feet and sleep.

When it came to this, the old shopkeeper simply left them alone. It's not easy to go out, so if he could help, he would help.

He immediately ordered Xiao Er to clean the room and tidy it up. Wang Yan and the others finished their dinner in the lobby, and the old shopkeeper led the three into the inner courtyard, bypassing several guest rooms, and finally came outside a wooden house.

There were two rooms in this house, which were divided by a gate, and another outside. There was a big shop on the right. It seemed that sleeping three or four people was not a problem.

On the opposite side of the shop, there was a pair of simple tables and chairs. There were oil lamps on the table, a coffee table, and an incense burner.

There was green smoke rising from the incense burner, and a faint fragrance diffuser, as if it was intentionally trying to cover up the old musty smell and other peculiar smells in this room.

It seemed that this room had been unoccupied for a long time, but fortunately it was still clean and tidy. They thought it was because of their arrival that they temporarily cleaned it up.

The end of the shop was separated by a curtain,

They could vaguely see a wooden bed placed inside, a white cloth covering the whole bed tightly, and the rest couldn't be seen clearly.


A group of caravans came today, with a lot of people, so not only the guest room was overcrowded, but he and his nephew's room were also let out.

The corpse of the nephew and daughter-in-law was originally placed in the nephew's room. It was temporarily moved to this long-unoccupied bunk house only because of the presence of distinguished guests in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

"Guest officials, do rest, and this old shopkeeper will not bother you." After all the matters were arranged, the old shopkeeper said, then turned and left.

"Supreme Priest Duer Tianzun, don't blame us. Don't blame us!" After seeing him go, the three of them all shot the inspectors inside.

They were wearing secular clothes for the convenience of the trip, and their identities were unknown.

Although they had been up the mountain for so long and were accepted by the master as an apprentice, after all, they had not officially been passed down, so they were not true Taoist priests.

A cold wind blew from outside, and Wang Yan couldn't help but shudder. He looked at the room inside the curtain, and a chill rose in his heart for no reason.

He couldn’t help but think of that word in his mind.

"Don't think too much, you are tired after a busy day! Let's rest, and we will go up the mountain tomorrow morning!" Li Sheng patted Wang Yan on the shoulder, then finished soaking his feet with Zhang Daoran, and fell asleep. After a while, there was a snoring sound.

Like them, Chang Er curled up and rested in the corner of the shop. As for Wang Yan, after finishing washing, he cross-legged on the shop and chanted the resurrection curse in silence before falling to sleep.

Obviously, he was tired physically and mentally, but for some reason, Wang Yan always felt like there was a thorn on his back.

Li Sheng and Zhang Daoran were sleeping in the inner part of the bunk, while he was lying on the periphery near the door. At this moment, the two seniors were already asleep. Wang Yan turned his head unintentionally and happened to look towards the room inside.

He didn't know where the strange wind came from, and the hanging curtain made of thin bamboo was blown to sway, completely revealing the scene inside.

Suddenly, Wang Yan's eyes widened. He saw the corpse lying on the couch, uncovering the white cloth covering him, and slowly sat up.

"The corpse... the corpse?"

Wang Yan's heartbeat intensified in an instant, and he only felt that his whole body was blown up. He wanted to shout, but he couldn't shout at all.

Suddenly opening his eyes, Wang Yan took two breaths fiercely, sweat dripping from his forehead. 

Looking at the back room for the first time, as always, there was no change. The curtain did not move, and there was no wind in the room.

Except for Zhang Daoran's snoring, the surrounding silence was abnormal. There was no sound.

It turned out that before he knew it, he had already fallen asleep. Everything that he  saw was nothing more than a dream.

Waving his sleeves to wipe away the cold sweat, Wang Yan breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the brothers next to him, the two of them were really big-hearted, and they slept so deeply.

Don't think about it, so as not to scare yourself.

He simply turned sideways towards the door, closed his eyes, and soon fell asleep again.


In the room where the corpses were hidden, the window that was originally closed was suddenly pushed open by something.

The night breeze mixed in with cold air, and a black cat, with bright green eyes, climbed up the window.

"Meow…" With a slight scream, the black cat jumped onto the counter from the window sill and sniffed, as if looking for something. After a while, it jumped directly from the counter to the corpse.

"Meow…" There was another scream, so late at night, extremely permeating.

The black cat waved its paws and kept pulling the white cloth, as if what it was looking for was under the white cloth.


Suddenly, ten stiff and whitish fingers pierced through the body of the black cat with lightning speed, and the black cat was killed without even screaming.

The blood flowed, then the corpse opened its mouth and swallowed it all.

He drank the blood of the black cat and threw the corpse aside. The female corpse tore off the white cloth and slowly sat up on the bed.

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LT Chapter 5

  Chapter 5: Corpse Transformation When the old shopkeeper said this, Wang Yan and the others were taken aback. It turned out that the old s...